As I write this, I am perched upon a hill overlooking the hills of a nostalgic European vineyard with bells idyllically ringing at a nearby church. Next week, I will be in an unnamed, overpopulated and decidedly less sanitary city trying to solve the existential quandary of what makes its residents tick. As professional chameleons go, I’ve got some chops and the airline miles to prove it. My love and intrigue toward people and their locales runs deep. It’s the new, the unknown, and the ‘soon to be discovered’.

I’m always on the lookout for a partner in crime to join in a new adventure. Whether you are free for an indulgent getaway or simply are seeking an accompaniment to your business trip, I’d delight in accepting your invitation, throwing down the gauntlet and creating a beautiful bespoke memory.

Are you a hopeless romantic about the art of living? A gentleman who can roll with the punches? Do you covet Michelin restaurants or delight in finding a hidden gem? To me, great food is great food. Farm to Table. Mediterranean. Japanese. Steakhouse. Oh, don’t get me started on the wines, or on the rare occasion, a fine single malt scotch. To offset my epicurean indulgences, I am also a willing contender for outdoor activities; whether it is hiking, skiing, scuba diving, shooting or simply relaxing on the white sand beaches and learning that sex on the beach isn’t just a drink.

Where to next?

My Frequently Asked Questions page is full of information that may be useful to you when considering a getaway. Think of it as the first basic step.  Naturally, you’re more than welcome to just shoot me an email. Likely, we will play around with new ideas and see what trouble we can get into.