Do you enjoy what you do?

Absolutely! I always try to pursue something I'm passionate about and this 'slice of life' has afforded me so many jaw-dropping experiences and memorable connections.

Are your photos accurate?

Absolutely. In truth, I am told that my photos do not do me justice. I take pride in my physique and appearance.

Can you please explain your logic for verification?

There are two primary ways to be verified.

1.) Provide the contact information of 3-5 credible ladies who would be happy to sing your praises. If you have built a solid reputation for treating others with respect, I would be happy to accept their glowing recommendations. Even 1 or 2 ladies can make a big difference in using my discretion when requesting further information re: the second option.

2.) Workplace and ID verification is a secondary method. A copy of your driver's license will certainly help. I also will want additional information regarding your employment and some way of proving that the information really is coming from who you say you are.

In all instances, I will check your ID upon meeting.

How much notice do you require for a date?

Last minute appointment requests are, simply put, much more difficult/ . I strongly recommend inquiring more than hours in advance. 72 hours is reasonable. One week is ideal. And I can plan my calendar up to 90 days in advance. I love a man with a plan!

How long does it take for you to respond to emails? I filled out your form and/or sent an email.

Those who supply all verification information and propose a clear invitation with a day, time, location, and duration will get priority. Remember to check my Calendar to make sure we are in the same city at the same time.

I answer the influx of emails as best as I can. Clear communication really does help me and is sincerely appreciated. And, yes, sometimes I take a personal day away from emails but will always get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you blame me if I want to know who you really are?

Please, please don't. Historical efforts to find out my real name, email me, find me on social media, etc. simply have made me feel sad and will surely ruin the tenor of our relationship. Any information shared between us during our time together should be just that ~ between us. Your secrets are safe with me and any information shared stays within the confines of our date.

Can you invite another professional lady to our date?

Currently, I choose to lay low and wish to remain private ~ so no duos for me. They can be fun though and I may reconsider.

What is your cancellation policy?

Should your plans change, cancellations must be made 24 hours prior without a 50% penalty payable immediately.

How will you be dressed?

I will always dress for the occasion. It is better to turn heads than raise eyebrows.

What is your favorite refreshment and/or dining preferences?

I enjoy sparkling water with lemon, hot tea, champagne, sancerre, saugignon blanc, chassagne montrachet, nebbiolo, pinot noir, barolo, american cabernet, or sauternes.

Dining out is really a treat when I'm with good company.
Good food is good food. I can be as easily satiated at hole-in-the-wall dive as I can at a Michelin starred restaurant. Steak. Sushi. Italian. Spicy. I love it all.

Do you accept tips or gifts?

Sweet surprises are always thoughtful and fun, but certainly not required. If you would like suggestions, below is my wishlist for your convenience.


Thank you in advance! xo

Do you accept credit cards?

Cash only.