Please take a moment to introduce yourself. The information below contains all the boring practicalities and subtle nuances required for me to understand more about this mysterious man (that’s you) and decide if we will hit it off.

I enjoy what I do and intend to keep it that way. Like you, I give myself fully into this endeavor and it’s simply not too much to ask that the company I keep is sincere and genuine. After you are verified, you are welcome to request a quick phone conversation. I find that hearing a voice on the other end of the line adds to our reassurance of chemistry and anticipation of what will come.

For all invitations over 6 hours or exclusive travel, I require a 50% deposit before reserving my time. Exclusive invitations where I travel to a city of your choice necessitates that the round-trip travel duration be less than the time we spend together. In this scenario, I will arrange my own travel logistics to arrive on your doorstep when its most convenient for you. If you submit this form and feel that it may not have gone through, you’re welcome to email me (emily at emily-hunter dot com) to follow up after 24 hours. If you still have curiosities, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page or just ask!

So, go on, be bold. Share a little. Make me laugh. Intrigue me. Entice me.